Access creates opportunity

Getting your family access to credit can unlock a lifetime of financial benefits – from paying for school fees, to buying household goods to funding a small business. 

Our fee-free service enables you to simply guarantee a loan and provide your relatives quick access to affordable credit in their home country.

How it works - Quick and Simple


Your relative applies for a loan

They can visit one of our lending partners where they reside and apply for a Symplifi loan.


Accept to be their guarantor on the loan

We will notify you via SMS and email. Complete the quick acceptance process and fund the guarantee.


Loan is disbursed to your relative

The bank is notified of the guarantee and the loan is approved.


If the loan is repaid your guarantee is fully refunded. No fees are charged.

If the borrower defaults, we deduct the amount owed to the bank and refund you the rest.
Please note that the borrower is responsible for repaying the loan. In the event of a default, the borrower’s credit
rating may be negatively impacted. The guarantor’s credit score is never impacted.


Why use SympliFi? 


Fee-free service if
borrower repays the loan


Help your relatives
build valuable credit history


Invest in their long term
financial empowerment


Our Lending Partners


We only partner with accredited and regulated lenders. Tell your relatives to visit the nearest one and ask for
a Symplifi loan.